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Modernize payment processes with secure, efficient solutions tailored for the insurance industry.

Transform Your Insurance Operations with Twill Payments

Embrace a new era of insurance transactions with Twill Payments. Discover how our cutting-edge payment solutions can streamline your operations, from claim payouts to premium collections, offering unparalleled convenience and security.

Streamlined Claim Payouts

Immediate Settlements

Accelerate your claim payout process with Twill's efficient payment system. Ensure your clients receive their funds promptly, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.

Flexible Disbursement Options

Offer your clients the choice of multiple payout methods. Whether it's direct bank transfers, digital wallets, or checks, Twill Payments makes it easy.

Simplified Premium Collections

Automated Collections
Automate your premium collection process with Twill Payments. Schedule recurring payments and send reminders to policyholders, reducing late fees and administrative workload.
Diverse Payment Methods
Cater to all your clients' preferences by accepting various payment options, including credit cards, ACH transfers, and online payments, ensuring convenience and increasing on-time payments.

Support for Multiple Payment Methods

Global Reach, Local Service

With Twill Payments, you can accept payments from anywhere worldwide. Our platform supports international credit/debit cards, local payment methods, and currencies, making expanding your services globally more accessible.

Seamless Integration

Integrate Twill Payments into your existing systems effortlessly. Our API is designed for easy implementation with insurance platforms, ensuring a smooth transition and continuous operation.

Why Choose Twill Payments for Your Insurance Company?

Enhance Efficiency
Reduce manual processing and speed up transactions, from claim payouts to premium collections.
Improve Customer Experience
Offer flexible and fast payment options that meet your client's needs, improving satisfaction and loyalty.
Secure Transactions
With advanced encryption and fraud detection, Twill Payments ensures every transaction is secure, protecting your company and clients.

Streamlining Insurance Transactions

Simplify your insurance platform's payment processes with Twill Payments.
Step 1

Easy Setup

Quick Start Guide
Begin with our comprehensive setup guide, designed to walk you through the integration process smoothly. No complex coding is required.
Dedicated Support
Our team is on standby to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless integration experience from start to finish.
Step 2

Flexible Integration Options

API Integration
Utilize our robust API to integrate Twill Payments directly into your insurance platform. This allows for a custom fit into your existing workflows and systems.
Plug-and-Play Modules
Would you prefer not to dive into API integration? Use our plug-and-play modules, compatible with popular insurance management software, for an even easier setup.
Step 3

Customer-Centric Payment Solutions

Customizable Payment Gateway
Tailor the payment experience to match your brand and meet your customers' expectations. Everything can be customized, from the look and feel of the payment page to the options offered.
Versatile Payment Options
Enable your policyholders to pay premiums or receive claims through their preferred payment method. Our platform supports everything from credit cards and ACH transfers to digital wallets.

The Twill Advantage

Rapid Integration

Get Twill Payments up and running on your platform quickly, minimizing disruption to your operations.

Enhanced User Experience

Provide a frictionless payment experience for your customers, leading to higher satisfaction and retention rates.

Scalable Solutions

As your insurance business grows, Twill Payments grows with you, offering scalable payment solutions that adapt to your evolving needs.

Revolutionize Your Insurance Payment Process with Twill

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